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featured articles:
Ag Conservation Easements – A Challenging Process, but There’s Hope
20,000 Acres – Here We Come, by John Herlihy
Planned Giving by Margaret Heiser Fulton

Legacy Fall 2014
featured articles:
What is the Top Non-Veggie?
BioFarming: the Middle Ground

Legacy Summer 2014
feature articles:
The Browning of California Calls for New Thinking (Dr. Tom, part 2)
Farmland and Endangered Resource – InfoGraphic
How Much Farmland Are We Willing To Pave Over – InfoGraphic

Legacy Spring 2014
feature article:
Farmland In Transition
Drought and Plant Nutrition (Dr. Tom, part 1)

Legacy Fall 2013 – feature article: Preserving the Past, Stewarding the Future – Brandstad Farms

Legacy Summer 2013 – feature article: Galeazzi Family Farm Forever Conserved

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