Central Valley Farmland Trust: Protecting the Farms that Feed Your Family
There are only four other such places on earth as unique as the Central Valley of California. This valley is ideally suited to grow the abundance of food we enjoy today – the soil, the climate, the water availability is as prime as it gets. This land produces enough food to feed ourselves and half the world everyday. We are losing upwards of 50,000 acres of this land, the best land we’ve got, for food production in California every year. Most of these acres are being lost within the Central Valley of CA – the whole valley is only 7million acres in total as of right now… there is not much time left to protect our food source and the millions of jobs it supports.
But you can do something about it – give back to the land that gives so much to us – protect her with us, become a donor of the Central Valley Farmland Trust today.

Farms That Feed Your Family:

This video series is in partnership with Raley’s Family of Fine Stores and features local Central Valley Pears in our first video.

Following the Almonds:

Come follow along with us as we go on the journey an almond takes from pruning, to blossom, to nut,  and finally, to your table. As each season of growth progresses we will capture footage like you are right there watching it grow into your local, nutritious food.

Videos from the field…